About Us

Established in 1969 our primary efforts have always been directed towards the Leisure Industry. Due to the demanding standards of this industry it has been relatively simple for us to diversify and apply our expertise in other market areas.

Utilising the latest technologies in our products has always held us at the forefront of product design. Our design staff not only work to further our own products, but also to provide a design service that is fast and efficient for our clients. Through this we have become a key element in the design and production of many customers products for various market sectors.

Systems Design
By remaining flexible to customers requirements we have taken control of the design, manufacture and installation of all the electronics involved in many theme park attractions and ride systems.

We have a team of engineers who are fully trained to perform site installations in the many fields we have entered e.g. theme parks, CCTV monitoring and recording systems, public announcement, sound reinforcement, security and AV presentation.

We hope that this brief text gives you some insight into the history and interests of our organisation. It has always been our policy to remain versatile and further diversify into new fields. If you feel there is anything that you would like to discuss that is not highlighted here please contact us.